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Courses for February 2019

We have two new eight week courses beginning in February 2019.  The dates and times are at  If you wish to apply please email us at, indicating which course you wish to attend, and confirming that you can meet the attendance requirements.  These courses are offered without charge – we ask only for your full commitment.



CMLE Update 18 August 2018

Here’s hoping you’ve been enjoying the very warm weather as best you can.  We thought we would give you an update on what’s been happening.

Courses in the Autumn

We finish an eight week MBLE evening course tonight and a morning course being held in the Central Library will finish in August.  We’ve now booked accommodation in the Multifaith Centre at Sheffield Hallam for two evening eight week MBLE courses running on Wednesdays 17 October to 5 December and Thursdays 18 October to 6 December from 6pm to 8.15pm.  There is a common Day of Practice on Saturday 24 November from 10am to 4pm. The courses are as usual FREE but there is a requirement that participants attend every session.

For fuller details see

If you wish to attend please email your choice of date to

First Announcement- UK Mindfulness Conferences Collaboration 23/24 March 2019

We shall be participating in an exciting collaboration with the Mindfulness Initiative with simultaneous conferences being run in over ten centres in the UK. Video link input from a conference being held in South Africa will feature Jon Kabat-Zinn, Prof Mark Williams of Oxford University and Dr Rebecca Crane of Bangor University.

Accommodation has already been booked in the Cantor Building on Arundel Street.  Further details will follow.  Booking will be through Eventbite.


Mindfulness in the Community Conference 21st July 2017- Outcomes

Thanks to everyone for supporting our recent conference.  We have pleasure in sharing the speaker presentations. Click on the name below to download the file.  Note that a transcript of Stephen Batchelor’s talk is being sent separately by email.

Nirmala Ragbir-Day

Jamie Bristow

Mark Swales

A number of delegates have expressed an interest in becoming involved with the Centre. Please get in touch at




Welcome to the Centre for Mindful Life Enhancement.  The Centre has three primary objectives:

  • To provide courses in Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement [currently run as both eight week and six week programmes – the content is the same in both]
  • To explore the role of mindfulness in organisational settings
  • To explore the relationship between mindfulness and ageing

You can explore the Centre’s work on this website.  There are guided meditations which you can download, as well as discussion papers relating to:

  • Mindful Ageing
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing
  • and more …!

Our book based on the course has recently been published.  You can buy this at  MBLE: The BookYou will also find in MBLE Resources several short videos on key themes in MBLE.  Please contact us at if you would like to know more or to get involved.Places are free but must be booked – please indicate which course you would like to attend.

We work in partnership with Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University Multifaith Centre and the University of Aberdeen Mindfulness Studies Programme.